A heartfelt thanks to all!

New Westminster's 2021 May Day celebration has come and gone. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen, and a special thanks to you, who came to see us in the Hyack Drive-By Parade at NWSS.

We'll be regrouping this Fall to start planning May Day 2022. We're looking forward to returning to annual traditions such as choosing a May Queen and our other Royal Suite members, a return to Queen's Park Stadium where May pole dances, square dances, and other festivites can be held in person.

See you in 2022!

Unfortunately, our 150 May Day celebration scheduled for 2020, like so many other annual public events, was cancelled due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, SD40 confirmed that it would no longer participate in future May Days but expressed good wishes for our group to step in and continue involvement with future events.

An important part of New West history.

May Day Celebration in New Westminster, BC, Canada is the longest running May Day in the history of the British Commonwealth.

New Westminster Museum and Archives, IHP9860-095

New Westminster's first May Day was in 1870. May Day tradition began when the city was going through some hard times. The purpose of the event was to bring the community together, lifting their spirits and unifying them as one.

150 years later, and counting. our city still honors this tradition.

REWIND: May Day 2020

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