City Grant Funding Awarded

New Westminster, BC - Dec. 31, 2020.

The New Westminster May Day Community Association is pleased to report that the organization has been awarded a grant by the City of New Westminster to host the community’s cherished May Day Festival in Queens Park Stadium on the afternoon of Saturday, May 29th, 2021. The City’s grant consists of cash in the amount of $5,892 for event logistics and an in-kind grant of $475 in City Services related to use of the park facilities.

“Its very uplifting to end such a challenging year on a positive note,” said NWMDCA President Nikki Binns. “This support from the City gives us hope that May Day will once again bring New Westminster together and buoy up our spirits like it has done for 150 years.”

The 2021 New Westminster May Day Festival will be subject to any and all Covid19 government health guidelines restricting pubic gatherings that may be in place at the time. The NWMDCA will advise the community on the evolving situation as new information comes to light.

“On behalf of the May Day Association, I would like to wish everyone in the New Westminster a very Happy New Year,” said NWMDCA VP Rocky Suffron. “Here’s hoping 2021 will see the community coming together again to celebrate our wonderful Royal City.”