Attention New Westminster May Day fans!

We are feverishly working on plans for the upcoming May Day in 2023. Last year we recorded 500 guests in attendance of our first May Day celebration since 2019. Thank you to everyone who came and participated or attended. We look forward to updating you with details as soon as possible. Check back often on our website, or follow us on facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We hope to see you at the city's 153rd May Day in May 2023! Stay tuned.

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May Day is unique and important to our city.

Come celebrate with us!

A FREE and festive community celebration held every May since 1870 in New Westminster. This event has been held around the city through its long standing history, however, Queen's Park has been its home for the majority of the celebrations.

Preserving the tradition.

No celebration of May Day would be complete without the traditional May Pole and Folk Dances. We would love to have you join us as a dancer to perform one of these heritage dances at the May Day celebration.

Creating a cycle of support

No tradition survives without it being practiced and observed. By sharing this experience with New West's youth through participation in May Day, they in turn can become mentors and coaches to the next generation.


What makes New Westminster's May Day magical?

Aside from being the longest running May Day within the Commonwealth of Nations, here are some interesting facts you may not know.

  • May Day has been a community celebration that many residents of New Westminster have n ot only watched but taken part in
  • Past May Day celebrations have seen 10,000+ attendees
  • Special guests and dignitaries have attended New Westminster's May Day, such as Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

Volunteer. Join our team.

Reach out if you can help. We're looking for volunteers to help make May Day magical. Help us preserve May Day celebrations in New Westminster.

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